Window Film

I don't see much on this site about window film.

Window Film can serve many purposes. Shatter Resistant, UV filter, Solar Heat filter, Privacy, and more.

Window film started out as a low cost solution to the unbalanced building.  Sun Control Films today are color stable, last over 10 years, reduce solar heat gain by up to 75% and filter 99% of UV rays (fading and ageing). They are easy to maintain as they are coated with a scratch resistant coating.

Window Film even qualifies for LEED points.

So why the resistance to the product?

I'd like to hear why and why not use film to make your buildings more efficient.

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  • We use an 8-mil film for security hardening and for safety over existing wire glass. As we are a K-12 environment, we also use a 4-mil opaque film on classroom sidelights to improve field of vision issues during lockdown drills.
  • When I looked at the installation instruction on the 3M film, it looked too involved to be successful.
  • In reply to Gene K:

    That's why you should hire a pro! We make it look easy! If you are set on DIY, consider that applying window film is process driven. If you skip steps it won't turn out as well. Plan on making a few mistakes before getting it right. The first mistake most DIY make is not cleaning and prepping the surface properly. Having the glass and frame clean will make the film application much easier. Using the proper tools is also very important to a successful installation.
  • Yes, I agree with you the window film should be installed as they make the home more energy efficient. The impact windows miami and impact doors miami add to the protection level of the house, these products make the house safe from all harmful outside elements and also help to filter UV Rays. There are expert professionals who guide to select the proper windows and help to install them.

  • So our company went and put an exterior film on all of our office windows and it's been working out pretty well so far. But I had a glass company come out for a blown seal prior to the installation and he said that putting film on windows was a mistake. Something to the effect of causing windows to shatter here in Central Texas. I hadn't heard anything like that prior to the film, or anything afterwards. Has anyone else?
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