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This Facilitiesnet reader posted a really thoughtful comment on a recent building automation article and then asked for a software suggestion. I'm taking the liberty of reposting his question below to see if you folks can help him out. I'll let him know I reposted his question here.

"Connectivity for reading older controls and incorporating automation for older controls is a future we can expect soon. For now I have issues with reading different BAS equipment being used accross many buildings. If any one can identify a good building analytics software program please share with us all. Respectfully Fred Pollard / RCM University of Idaho"

You can find the original article with his full comment at

Can any of you help him out?

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  • I've used a few products, and if forced to choose I would say Seldera provides the best bang for the buck. Aggressive pricing, a powerful platform, and customer oriented. They are a subsidiary of Ameresco, which - as I understand it - also uses this platform for their M&V services.

  • Traditionally the Tridium JACE platform provides a robust, open protocol platform that can meet BAS integration needs. The platform is supported by a number of local, regional, and national vendors as well.

    We have also seen a number of newer products come up in the last couple of years that provide an easy, almost plug-and-play data integration capability at low costs and with easy installation. These generally are geared more towards read-only, monitoring solutions but that should be sufficient for most data analytics needs. Check out Building Robotics for their Trendr platform for BACnet systems and BuildPulse for direct connection to a number of BAS specific integrations.

  • I agree I'd go with the JACE platform if you need to integrate BAS systems. Lots of analytics packages are available now, I've found SkySpark to be the easiest and best for direct connection and analysis. Though it definitely depends on what your goals are for finding the right software.
  • In reply to BTalbot:

    Skyspark is quite good, but I found it rather costly. Maybe they have moderated their pricing though. Certainly a powerful platform.
  • The absolute best combined integration platform and analytics for buildings in my opinion is made by Cimetrics at It is an SaS product and needs some economy of scale to be applicable to your operation although I have seen proven results and savings.
  • Here at The S4 Group we have taken a different approach to handling data from legacy buildings. We decided with the functional requirements for our original product to narrow the scope of what we do to the integration and publishing part of the problem and to do that better than anyone else. We publish to BACnet IP or to OPC. That gives the integrator the flexibility to choose the analytics program, the operator workstation, and any other needed applications that best meet the needs of the building owner. This approach also enables S4 to look at every BACnet OWS, Global Controller, or application provider who supports the BACnet standard as a partner. If you look at our documentation and value proposition presentations you'll see us referring to this as the "Power of Two". The icing on the cake is that this approach gives the building owner a very effective migration path to eventually move away from the proprietary legacy systems to open technology solutions on their own terms and their own timeline.

    Please visit our web site at for more information and case studies or call us, or one of our partners, to discuss the specifics of your project.
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    At FCPS I've introduced a new innovative Enterprise Energy Management System (EEMS) that will integrate with meters (via Modbus RTU), lighting systems via BACnet, legacy systems by a JACE (we don't use Tridium because it is it difficult and expensive to engineer) to BACnet, mechanical systems (RTUs, VRF, VFDs) via BACnet and it is cheap to engineer and service/maintain. It is an EEMS and Energy System all in one. It is the best product/system out there.

    David Sattler
    Coordinator III Energy Management
    (with over 25 years of consulting experience: EMS, HVAC design and Energy Management)
    Fairfax County Schools
  • Schneider Electric offers connected analytic services that leverage automated fault detection and diagnostics (aFDD) technolgoy known as Building Analytics. Using advanced algorithms and cloud-based capatilities, Building Analytics continuously monitors and analyzes real-time data and historical trending from building management system sensors, control systems and utility meters. With that data, you can pinpoint which systems or equipment have irregularities and prioritize service based on the impact on cost, comfort, energy and maintenance.
    Learn more about Building Analytics:
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