For the Love of Facilities

When is the first time you fell in love with a facility? I struggle to think back accurately. Was it that summer in college I spent filing expense reports on the 20somethingth floor of a downtown skyscraper in Houston? I loved the urban crush as all of these people fitted themselves into these glass towers. I loved looking back from the second-floor security desk in the atrium, marveling at the trees growing inside, at the long steady snake of people buzzing past the turnstiles and disappearing into the elevator banks. I remember watching the mist rising from the rooftop systems, thinking how the building was breathing, exhaling into the morning air.

Was it earlier, as I endlessly marveled at the glass box high-rise that had gone up in my sleeper community at the juncture of three highways. It was bronze and black and gleamed like a gem in the morning light as I drove to school. I loved the angles of the facade and half-joked to my mother that it would make a nice wedding cake design.

At one of the first Women in FM sessions at NFMT, a panelist said that to be in FM you just had to be possessed by a visceral fascination with buildings. I don't know if it's an absolute prerequisite, but it certainly makes everyday more fun. What do you think? What are all the facilities you've loved before?


  • I've never quite heard anyone describe facilities or buildings like this actually! I mean, it's a bunch or rooms and offices and glorified storage space. SO perhaps maybe you DO need a fascination with architecture to appreciate things to this level!
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