Vehicle Attacks Gaining a Higher Place on FM Agenda

In a recent article in Building Operating Management, security expert Sean Ahrens of Affiliated Engineers, Inc., observed that it is not difficult to carry out a deliberate attack with a car or truck, and recent tragic events have shown the truth of that statement. While a variety of measures can be taken to address that risk, security experts say, options are often constrained by the location of the facility or by the characteristics of an existing building. Click here to read advice about protecting buildings and people from vehicle attacks, as well as other developments in security.

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  • Hi Ed,
    It sounds as though it's easier to plan for vehicle attacks in new buildings than in existing buildings. How would one address these issues in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, unobtrusive, still allowing people who are allowed in to feel comfortable - ie. no fortresses, but a secure environment?
  • In reply to Lehotlo Ramokgopa:

    That certainly is the question. I think the answer varies from building to building and has to be based on a threat analysis.
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