What are your go-to apps for FM?

Is your mobile device an extension of your body, just about? I used to scoff at this concept. I've always used a flip phone (yes, go ahead and laugh), so I didn't really get the whole screen codependency thing. Until I got an mini tablet. And now it is my everything.

What has surprised me a little is how much this screen has become integrated into almost every moment of my waking life. Including my work life. I shoot video on it, and edit it right on the device. I record interviews. I network with peers on Skype or Hangouts. It has my appointments, my reminders, my article sketches. It's my desk, in my purse.

I can only imagine it's the same way for you in facilities management. A Building Operating Management survey cited in this article showed that 81 percent of FMs using mobile devices for work were using them to access the BAS. This was followed by 77 percent using them to access the HVAC system. 

There are the interfaces of course that manufacturers have created to allow visibility into, and in increasing cases control over, facility systems. But I'm sure there are oodles of other apps you use now, naturally, as an everyday part of your life in FM. I'm curious about your collection of go to apps for FM — let's create a resource list for everyone by posting your faves in the comments below.

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