What Are Your Go-To Apps?

I'm trying to start a few "tool box" threads on here. I already started the "what are you reading" thread for FMs to list the books they've been finding useful. Now I want to know, what are your go-to apps? What are the apps you use in facilities management? What are the apps you use in general that you find useful and productive?

I was just looking through my apps (I'm on iOS) to see what might be useful to you. One I like for business purposes is Hopper, a fare tracker app. It helps you make an educated best guess on whether you should move to buy a plane ticket now, or wait because the fare will likely fall.

I also like Paper a lot. It's great for making sketches of ideas. I know Notes now has that function as well, but Paper is just a prettier experience, and it has more robust features.

So, does your FM app toolbox look like?

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  • Right now, I'm only using one app for work - TripIt Pro because it runs with our Concur travel platform. But I'm looking forward to hearing more suggestions from the community. I like the idea of the Hopper app also.
  • Humbly (or maybe not so humbly), here's an answer to "What is your favorite work-related app?" from Nic Stoyer, FM at Nando's, that appeared in the April/May issue of RFMA's Facilitator Magazine: "SiteSage by Powerhouse Dynamics. This is my second round dealing with the team and the app. It provides valuable real-time energy, product safety and asset data to help long-term cost-saving goals. The app can also send data directly to technicians, showing equipment energy usages and helping to cut down on diagnosis times in the field." Other answers included Last Pass, ANY DO, Evernote, and Excel. You can see the whole article here: onlinedigitalpublishing.com/.../
  • Our university has a clunky CMMS that wasn't really user friendly and actually required a lot of paper to be processed to get work done. I came across AppTree(TM) that became our front end to the existing system, providing mobile deployment to staff Apple or Android OS and and desktop entrance for our users to request service and track completion & costs in real time. We also use a internet-enabled, 2-way mobile app that allows radio communications via the internet called iWalkie(TM) by Criticalrf. The two applications have allowed us to optimize staff mobility and increase communications.
  • Naomi, my father is moving into a new assisted living facility and they keep recrafting a sign-in log for their clients, visitors and vendors. Is there a good electronic sign-in log App that documents and is easy to employ (maybe on an iPad) at reception desk? Can't read signatures and security / tracking / documenting of occupants' movements, etc. is very important . . . many thanks.
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    Hi Victor — No apps jump to mind by name, though I know there are concierge apps out there in use in small offices. I did an article where one of the sources talked about his tech tenants using an iPad concierge instead of a receptionist. I hope someone on the thread will be able to provide a lead for you.
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    Thanks Naomi, the ConciergePad and others look interesting. I'll pass these on to where my father is staying.
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