How to Make a Smart Flooring Selection

Did I like the splotchy colorful pattern on a black background, or the taupe stripey pattern on a slate background? Holding the sample carpet tiles, I tried to imagine the pattern repeating over hundreds of square feet. That was a long time ago, back when I had no clue how complex a flooring decision should be.

How it looks is certainly a big consideration when selecting flooring, but for commercial facilities it is equally (more?) important to consider how the flooring will perform, how it is constructed, and what you're going to do with it once you're done with it.

The flooring industry has long been involved in a kind of arms race in the area of sustainability, with manufacturers making huge strides in improving the recycled content, rapidly renewable content, asthma-friendly content, recyclability, longevity, and cleanability with fewer harmful chemicals of their offerings. Options for making a good flooring decision abound, but facility managers still have to do their homework to find the solution that will work best for their facility and its goals.

This article goes over some of the big considerations to make when looking at sustainable flooring, and provides a fairly detailed overview of the major third-party flooring certifications available.

Which certification(s) do you look first to when making flooring decisions, and why? Are there any missing from the list in the article? Let us know in the comments below.


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