Welcome new members.... Introduce yourself!

Since this is a fairly new site, I thought I would take a moment to welcome all of the new members coming online.  With the trade show under full swing, I am noticing quite a few new members joining.

If you could take a moment, introduce yourself and whereever you are from.  Any other information (keep it short, please!) would be bonus.

My intro will be posted separately to kick it off.  I look forward to talking with some other facility people online.

  • Hello all...

      My name is Eric (as you might have figured out already!) and I am from Hagerstown, MD.  I have been a facility manager for 6 years.  As for why I joined - it was to network and share ideas with others in the profession.  Unfortunately, I am not employed at the moment and hope to find a position soon.

      Nice to meet everyone and I hope to talk with you soon.

  • In reply to Eric DeMuth:

    Hello, my name is Bob Devonshire and I work for the County of Lancaster in South Eastern Pennsylvania. We are a local level goverment body. I am the Building Maintenance Supervisor for the newly formed Facilities Management Department (formally the County Engineers Office).

    I have been with the County for almost 13 years. For the last 7 years I have ben the Building Maintenance Supervisor for 14 buildings covering about a million square feet. My buildings include a courthouse, district justice building, administrative offices, an educational facility, hazardous materials responce team station, emergency services training facility that includes a 100 yard / 12 lane indoor shooting range and a live fire training building.

    For the most part we do everything from plunging toilets to running and terminating fiber optic cable.

    Prior to our reorganization I had a staff of 14 full and part time employees. Post reorganization I now have 7 full time employees. The other 7 have been obsorbed by other departments.

    My current staff is generally crafts persons each specializing in typical fields; carpentry, plumbing, electrical and hvac.  I am considered a working supervisor but rarely get to get the tools out and turn some wrenches and after attending this weks NFMT I am sure I will have myself behind a computer bringing some of the information I learned this week to our operation.

    2009 was my second time to attend NFMT. I was impressed the first time and now that a few years passed and I have gained a broarder perspective on FM I have found this year to be much more fullfilling. In particular was a class delivered by Dr. Levine on dealing with employees and trying to determine problem areas.  Not that I have issues with my staff but more so from a preventiive maintenance of my staff I will hopefully be able to see issues with them before they become problematic.

    I also am an adjunct instructor with Bucks County Community College and I teach firefighters to be firefighters. I was able to speak to Dr. Levine today and discussed how I would like to use his program for the fire service and develop a class to look at firefighter training and readyness.

    All in all I am having a good time and look forward to my classes tomorrow. Now if only i could get approval to go to the Vegas show...

  • In reply to Bob Devonshire:

    Welcome Bob!

    I am glad you found the trade show to be beneficial.  I did not make it to hear Dr. Levine, but instead focused more on Energy Star information as well as the panel discussion on advice for young facility managers.  I was really glad to hear they considered me "young" as their definition was those under 40.

  • This is ecs1231...glad to be aboard.

    I am a vice president of engineering for a commercial real estate services company.  With over 35 years of engineering experience my primary focus is on commercial building energy conservation, retro commisioning of existing buildings, consulting and  oversight of daily maintenance operations.  I look forward to sharing information with members.

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    My name is Chris Matt, and I'm the Associate Editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. We are one of the publications that helped create this Web site. I tried sending you an e-mail via the site, but it came back undeliverable. Could you visit my profile page by searching my name (under the Members tab) and send me an e-mail so I have your address. I have a few questions for you. Thanks.

  • In reply to Chris Matt:

    Also, everyone please make sure to enter a cost-cutting tip under the "Cost Cutting Strategies" group on this site. The three best tips win $100 Home Depot gift cards. If you have questions on how to submit a tip, send me an e-mail or reply to this post. Thanks

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    My name is Angela.  I conduct Facility Management research.  I am currently working on project called "A Framework for Improving Building Operating Decisions."

    The Framework is tool to help Facility Managers make planning and implementation decisions commercial building mechanical equipment.  One of the goals of the research is to help Facility Managers identify tangible and achievalbe steps to move from reactive to proactive management practices.   I hope to start pilot testing in late spring.

    I attended NFMT and found it a great experience!



  • In reply to A.L.:

    Thanks Chris for that reminder.  I will probably post something in the near future.  I want to look over some of my notes and see which one I think is the best!

    Welcome to those that have posted recently - it looks like the promoting of the website at the trade show really helped.  I am glad to have an avenue to finally talk and network with besides the trade shows.

  • In reply to Eric DeMuth:

    No problem. Glad you're finding the site useful so far. As more people join and begin to interact, I think it will become an even more valuable tool for you and your colleagues.

  • Hello all,

    Very much looking forward to this resource.  I've found that these types of specialized networking message boards can really help when you encounter a new challenge. 

    I also attended the NFMT this week and came back with a significant number of ideas for our operation.

    John Mock

    A.D. of Building & Grounds

    Westminster Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay

    Virginia Beach, Va

  • All, My Name is Darrell Cole, I am the Q.C./ General Manager/ Safety Officer for Mechanical Partners, Inc.  We're Located in Dallas, Texas. We provide Facilities Maintenance Services in the MEP realm (Mechanical; Electrical & Plumbing) for our Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex- based clientel, but maintain a list of qualified sub-contractors to address any need our customers require.

  • In reply to Darrell:

    *Mechanical Partners, Inc., Guess I aught to check my typos before I post? =)

  • In reply to Darrell:

    That's OK.  Welcome aboard Darrell.

  • My name is Rafael Rodriguez, I am the Business Developer for Girard Environmental Services for the East Coast Region of Florida.  I have been in Real Estate, Credit & Collections, Private Investigation, Residential & Commercial Mortgages and lets not forget the Pizza Delivery boy while in college.Smile  I enjoy the challenge of helping people.   I am looking forward to sharing and learning from one another. 

  • Hello,

    I'm Elaine and the Facilities Director for the Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande OR.  That hat also carries with it Safety Officer and Security Officer.  We are a 14 member stong shop that cover everything from the grounds to medical equipment.  Our biggest challenge is the original part of our facility was built in 1968.  We are constantly in a battle to upgrade and intergrate old and exising with new technology.

    We have aspecialized crew containing, Biomeds, carpenters, Limited electricians, Stationary engineers, grounds keeper, project manager and general labor.  We are in a fairly remote location and attend a lot of training.  Both because we feel we do a better job fixing our own equipment and we are at best 3 hours away from a repair center.

    I hope to gain knowledge of inovative systems and procedure that will help us with our jobs.


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