How to thank the team?

Hi everyone — I need your advice. I recently found out that at my neighborhood elementary school, located in NW Chicago, the facilities team — which is severely under staffed and under funded — took it upon themselves to come in on their own time and their own dime to do repairs and needed maintenance at the school over the summer. Teachers at the meeting where I learned this were throwing around ideas on how to properly thank the guys for all the hard work, but it made me wonder. What would actually be an appropriate way to thank them? Of course, bonuses and paid vacation time would probably be an ideal place to start, but that's not in the cards.

It's been making me wonder in general, what is the best way for a community to help its school facilities team? I know there are union rules and all sorts of rules beyond that which come in to play, but can you offer any advice? What is within the realm of the possible and desirable? The school is in a relatively high poverty area, but it's also an area filled with skilled tradespeople. Have any of you worked closely with your community for the benefit of your facilities? What works? What doesn't work?

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  • A few ideas I have used in similar situations:
    Group Photo with names of volunteers published in local paper with article detailing some of the work that was done
    Public acknowledgement of individuals and work done by School committee, Mayor, Aldermen etc
    If work was done on a community room such as library a simple plaque with acknowledgement of contributing groups
    PTO organized cookout/bbq with workers invited as special guests
    Hope this might help!
  • In reply to Mustacheroy:

    These are all great ideas. In the time since the original post, a PTO has been started at the school so there are vehicles for recognition available now, at least.
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