Restrooms in educational facilities

One thing I learned in reporting a story for our most recent issue on restrooms in educational facilities is that students will always come up with creative ways to damage things. One example comes from Ron Triplehorn of Gallup-McKinley County Schools in New Mexico, who shared how students in his district were bringing in etching acid to permanently etch graffiti into mirrors. For those of you in educational facilities, how does that compare with some of the more unusual tactics that students have taken?


  • Wow, bringing in acid is a whole new trip. lol
    On a serious note. That is unique. I am not aware of anyone being that industrious in getting their mark on our facilities. You could do away with mirrors in the bathroom and put them out in a common area. I would consider using a stainless steel mirror so it doesn't get broken and you may can buff out an etching on the stainless.
    Who says they need a mirror in the bathroom?
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