Welcome new members.... Introduce yourself!

Since this is a fairly new site, I thought I would take a moment to welcome all of the new members coming online.  With the trade show under full swing, I am noticing quite a few new members joining.

If you could take a moment, introduce yourself and whereever you are from.  Any other information (keep it short, please!) would be bonus.

My intro will be posted separately to kick it off.  I look forward to talking with some other facility people online.

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    Hello All ,

                  What a great new source of networking and problem solving. My name is Mark O'Brien -friction911@gmail.com. I'm a certified fleet and machinery reliability consultant and my specialty is lubricants and culture change and sustainable development. Please feel free to ask me anything concerning your machine maintenance or problems with hazmat compliance and staff training.

  • To all:

    My name is Stacy Gray; I work for East Coast Water Systems which is an accredited company that specializes in commercial water heating and treatment systems.  Our forte is working in private and public sectors throughout the United States, analyzing needs and presenting efficient and economic engineered solutions.  We offer our expertise for new and/or existing products and services. We are a fully vertically integrated company, as such, our scope of service includes:

    1) Situation Analysis

    2) Custom System Engineering and Design

    3) System Installation

    4) System After -Sales Service and Trouble Shooting

    Our customers include one of the largest privately owned prison facilities inthe country as well as various Hotel Groups and Health Care Facilities.

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    Bob, my name is David Ward and my company, A Greener NJ, LLC has a Suite of Sustainable Technologies that can help your county buildings reduce their energy costs and dramatically improve productivity, learning, safety, health & wellness, and aesthetics. All at ZERO Upfront cost with Immediate Positive Cash Flow. If you think there may be any interest, let me know david@agreenernj.com

  • Hello , I,m  Michael Williams Landscape Coordinator of New College of Florida located in Sarasota Fl.

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    Hello Mike, I would like to know more about this ceiling tile that reduces the need for air conditioning units and if it can be used in commercial applications.

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    Hello, My name is John Adeyemi, I work for Architect of the Capitol (AOC) in Washington DC. What a wonderful way to network with like minded people and learn new things about the world of faciilty management.

  • Hi all,

    My name is Marta and I work as a Communications Manager for Forum Networking Events.  We organize Summits and Forums for Facilities Executives. I'm also co-editing FM Digest digital magazine, hence always looking for updates  from the Fm Industry and interesting discussions.Happy Networking everyone!

  • Hello, My name is Tony and I work in the building materials industry, specifically with the Astec Re-Ply Roofing  Systems. If anyone has any questions I can answer please feel free to ask.

    We do provide educational webinars to help facility managers learn more about the industry. You can sign up and see a short video at www.whyreplace.com we also have a great article on choosing the best roof system for your facility. E-mail me and I will send you a copy aloup@icc-astec.com

    If you are into social networking and want to see a full list of sites that I belong to visit: sites.google.com/.../social-links

    Thanks again and I hope I can be of some assistance in the future to everyone.

  • In reply to Tony Loup:


    I am Dave Lubach, the new associate editor for Maintenance Solutions. I will check in from time-to-time to see what people are posting and what they are interested in, and feel this board will be a good place to build relationships in the facilities management field, as well as find story ideas and also discuss other stories and issues. You can reach me at dave.lubach@tradepressmedia.com. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

  • Hello all,

    Richard O'Connor here, just joined!

    Building owners, First responders, Facilities Managers and Security firms are entering the age of instant notification - anywhere anytime - of Critical information regarding their Buildings, Facilities and Campuses.

    iLinkx has developed the way forward. We provide (Patented) Security/Fire System supplemental annunciation using a zero (software) footprint Solution that works on 99+% of Smart phones, iPads/Tablets,Laptops, Desktops. iLinkx provides your key personnel (and any additional designates your desire) with anytime-anywhere notification that includes building/facilities plans in high res graphics, with tripped devices highlighted, with links to cameras, links to customer specific graphics and links to other critical response documents. We can also provide links that highlight: escape routes, Electrical, Gas and Water disconnects, aerial views, Hazardous Storage locations, Emergency routing, you name it.

    See us at www.ilinkx.com


    Richard O'Connor

    Director of Sales and Marketing for iLinkx, LLC in beautiful Coeur d'Alene Idaho.


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    hi Richard welcome to this forum enjoy be in touch

  • Eric, and all,

    I am Tom Cooper, EVP of Product Development at Progeo Monitoring of North America. We provide roof envelope integrity testing using non invasive electronic methods and we design and supply real time leak alert system technology for roofing under green roofing, solar panels and large rooftop amenity spaces.

    I look forward to engaging the community on your site.

    I loved the blog on green roofing. I was the past Managing Director of Green Roof Solutions, Inc. They were a small manufacturer of green roofing components based in Chicago. I have had much experience with this type of storm water construction and hope to provide this knowledge to anyone with questions about the viability and getting a return on your investment.

    See my response to the most recent blog.

    Thank you for the invite.

  • Hello! My name is Meaghan and I am from Hesperia, CA. I joined this site in order to network and share information regarding Facilities Management, specifically in the areas of public education. I'd love some feedback as to different certificate and degree programs that many of you have found beneficial to enhance and further your careers in this discipline. I am in the beginning stages of my career and would love some guidance as to what you all have found to be beneficial.

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    Hi there, Ron.


    My name is Henry Jordan. I joined this forum today but it seemed strange to me that no one else has joined this forum recently.

    Posts are quite old. No current conversation is going on any topic. Anyways, I'm here so I will do give my contributions to this forum

    and people will like it and become active.


    Thank you for having me here.


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    My name is Murphyy and i am from Australia.I have a small office of Outsourcing and here we are providing good quality services.There are 100 people on my office and i they all are qualified.I like to help the people for getting job and outsource is the main way to remove unemployment.

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