How long does it take for a new roof to "lay down"?

I think this may be a place for experts only. I'm not one,but have a question for roof experts. If that's not allowed, I understand and accept having my post deleted.  

I just got a new roof less than 3 weeks ago.  After it was completed, I asked the contractor why the shingles edges are turned up, and the entire roof looks lumpy and bumpy? He said that new shingles do that and it will settle down.  We've had a lot of rain, so I would have thought that, by now, the shingles would look right.  

I drove by a house one street over who had a new roof installed about two weeks before mine. Theirs looks fine, and does not have the problems mine has.  

I'm concerned that the contractor used poor quality shingles that will never look good.  How long should I wait for them to settle before I decide he wasn't being truthful about the quality of materials?

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