A suggestion for improving this forum

It would be nice if this site used one of the more common discussion  forum software packages.

So many things here don't work as expected. Those of us who use other discussion forums are used to certain conventions that just don't exist here. 

Quick reply doesn't seem to post a reply on the discussion.

I replied to a blog thinking it was a "reply", it's actually a PM to the blog author.

There isn't an intuitive way to navigate by category.  It might exist but it doesn't work like other discussion forums so it's not obvious.

I think there would be more participation if the unconventional navigation didn't make the site feel so clunky.  I'd like to see a site like this thrive.

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  • I agree - it's hard to navigate this website, and almost impossible to invite colleagues - keeps sending the request before I even get started typing!

  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback. We love to hear what users have to say about their experience using our community.

    This fall we will be launching a new design, improving the site’s overall aesthetics. There will be an enhanced navigation, an improved search and much much more!

    Stay tuned. Changes are on the way!

    - Shannon

  • In reply to Shannon:

    I think some decent moderation is in order, especially for blogs. I spent considerable time blogging about the DALI lighting protocol that was wiped out by moderators here that had no clue DALI wasn't a specific manufacturers product, but a protocol.

    Further, there was no inquiry, no allowance for adjustments or clarifications,  just arbitrary deletion.

    So, if you want to be taken serious here as a forum and blog spot you need to be serious professionals yourselves.

  • In reply to Daryl Clasen:

    Hi Daryl,

    Thank you for your feedback. It's always great to hear from our users and appreciate your engagement on this forum.

    To your point, I can relate to how frustrating it is to have blogs disappear. However, we do make every effort to foster a lively and democratic exchange of opinions and information.

    For the future, I've found a good practice is to write any sizable blog offline and copy the text in. That way I have a backup, in case any hiccups occur. I hope you will continue to find MyFacilitiesnet a useful space to exchange ideas with your peers.


  • Casey,

    DALI is NOT A PRODUCT. Even so, it was deleted from the blog.

    Then, I removed it from the appearance in PRODUCTS as DALI is not  a PRODUCT, never was a PRODUCT and never will be a PRODUCT.  Again, no response until now regarding the matter, so thanks for finally responding to that I guess with your non-answer.

    When the moderator chooses to actively delete something from a blog it would be common courtesy to state where possibly the offending information was to allow to clear up the misunderstanding for moderators that do not properly comprehend what they are reading.

    Let's try this - how possibly does this site consider DALI a product? Can I get an answer to this question?

    I see all sorts of references to BACnet. How come you don't remove all  BACnet blog entries and reinsert them into PRODUCTS?

    At any rate the point I'm really trying to make is that you need better moderation.

  • In reply to Daryl Clasen:


    We do not consider DALI a product, but, at times, posts about protocols and similar topics have been moved to the products and services forum. I can't speak to exactly why your post was moved, because it happened before I came on board, but I can say that our goal is not to delete posts or automatically send anything mentioning DALI to the products forum. Rather, our goal is to make sure posts are in what we feel is the appropriate place. If you think we're not doing that, feel free to email a moderator and we'll take another look at it. Deleting the content of a post before asking why it was moved doesn't help us determine if it was incorrectly moved. I'll send you an email with a little more detail about our policies and with my contact information.


  • In reply to Casey Laughman:

    Thanks for the reply here and directly. This is what I consider helpful moderation so if this is the pattern from now on that is much better.

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