Whoever is in charge of this site, please create a separate tab and ask or force all vendors selling something to post in that area only.  This site is becoming salesman central instead of a discussion forum.

  • If you click on forums and scroll down the page, you will see a headline that says "Browse Discussions," followed by three different types of forums - FAQs, General Discussions and Manufacturer Information.

    We've created the "Manufacturer Information" forum because, as you have alluded to, manufacturers and service providers are posting proprietary information on the site. We know product information is relevant to the industry, so we do not want to remove it altogether. However, every time a manufacturer creates a blog or forum post talking about their product or service, we are moving it to the "Manufacturer Information" forum.

    If you simply click on the "Forums" tab on the top navigation bar, it shows you the most recent activity for all forums, including the "Manufacturer Information" forum. If you want to avoid reading about products and services, it's best to simply click on the "General Discussions" forum, as facility professionals are supposed to be the only individuals posting in that area.

    We are working on moving those three categories - General, Manufacturer Information and FAQs - to the top of the Forums page so you can identify the general discussions quicker and easier.

    Now, there might be some sales pitches mixed into the General Discussions forum posts created by end users. We don't want to move those posts because they were created by a facility professional. Manufacturers might chime in, but as more facility managers contribute, the discussion will become more and more valuable.

    Again, we are working to make this site as useful as possible, and your comments and feedback is helpful. Thanks for your continued participation on the site.

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