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What Is the difference between a Blog and Forum?

How should each be used, etc.

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  • The blogs are meant for opinions, observations, your running commentary, news bits, informational and educational pieces.

    The forums are tailored to a question and answer format or are great if you are looking for something.


  • I agree with Ron on the Blog point however, regarding Forums, I'll add my perspective: Allthough forums may be tailored to specific discussions, a forum is meerly an on-line chat room, wherein members can freely communicate via font either idol chit chat or topical discussion. I prefer Blogging, personally! My thoughts flow more freely via Blog text vs. the inherant "audience" in a forum format.

  • In reply to Darrell:

    My bad! * I agree with Wayne, Ron!Hmm

  • In reply to Wayne:

    Thanks!  I really did not know.  I think a lot of people don't know either but are afraid to ask because they assume that everyone knows.

  • Wondering why my blog posts were moved into the forum section? They are articles with industry news and observations, they do not pertain to our products specifically. Any ideas?

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