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Inappropriate Use of Email

To Whom It May Concern -

One of my colleagues and I at Erie Insurance received an email today via my faciltiesnet of an inapproapriate and unprofessional nature.  We both joined yesterday and thought that we were subscribing to a professional Facilities Trade on-line website .  Unfortunately, we are both disappointed by today's events and are considering unsubscribing.

Thank you,




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  • Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I apologize for the problem. My.FacilitiesNet is a new service. We're constantly on the look out for users who are posting or sending inappropriate content.

    We've taken action in this case. If you have any other problems, please feel free to message me directly.



  • In reply to Brandon Lorenz:


    I am a happy Erie Insurance customer. I am new here, but not new to the internet. Bringing it to the administer's attention is the best thing to do. I hope Erie Insurance stays and participates. It is great to create a human side to all the member organizations. Looking forward to your input.


  • In reply to Bernie Daily:

    Bernie - I will second your comments.  I have a close friend that is looking to be an agent for them and it is good to know that they are not only committed to providing insurance but to running their buildings properly

    As for the inappropriate behavior - I am glad to see the administrators are addressing this situation quickly.  Please remember that the unprofessional behavior of a few people does not represent the group as a whole.  While some people have used this system to unneedlessly spam their product, most people believe that this is a good option to exchange ideas and solutions to help everyone improve operations.

    I hope you decide to stay and continue to be active.


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