Twilight Zone: FM Complaints

Halloween is coming up, so I thought I'd share some complaints received by facility managers of the creepy, haunted, unexplained phenomena variety. Enjoy!

Seeing Things

“The grain on my wood office door makes an obscene image. It needs to be replaced.”  

Hot as Hell

"My favorite is the multiple complaints we received from an employee of a specific tenant. This employee called more than once to complain of being hot. The employee's office number: 666. We responded, but we chuckled every time the call went out over the radio."

Paranormal Activity?

"I was the chief engineer of a 14-floor commercial building in downtown Baltimore. I got a complaint of a fish on the window sill. I'm thinking probably a small shiner fish from the harbor that a sea gull or pigeon left and would be back to have lunch. When I got to the third floor office there was a 12-inch blue fish lying on the sill. I looked around on the roof and other areas and I found one on another sill, a few in the alley and some on the roof. I found 13 blue fish in all. Apparently the hotel next door had guests that had the fish, how they got them would only be a guess on my part. But my fellow maintenance person and myself had to gather the quite smelly fishes up and I had to write a pretty strange report."

I know there are some of you out there with some downright creepy, scary or otherwise unexplainable occupant complaint stories. Let's hear your best ones. Write a comment below or send me an email at Happy haunting!

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