Not My Job: FM Complaints

"Not my job," is something a facility manager never says. The FM is the jack-of-all-trades that can fix it, no matter what it is. But of course, sometimes something really does fall beyond the job parameters. Just take a look at these three scenarios sent in by Building Operating Management readers.  

 "An employee asked me if I could make sure that the bird nest outside in the tree could be moved to the tree outside her workstation window. She wanted to be able to watch the bird grow this year from her desk. She could not last year."

 "A lady at our facility struck a bird on her way to work.  She wanted my maintenance staff to remove the dead bird from her grill.  Not our problem, I said, but we are happy to do it if she would absolve us of any responsibility if any damage occurred.  She refused, saying it was the company's fault because she was on her way to work when it happened.  Well, we can't do it, says I.  Both irritated and distressed, she said, 'Then what am I supposed to do?'"

 "Work order: I lost a tiny silver Philips head screw that came from my hair barrette. Would appreciate if someone could help sweep the floor and see if the screw could be found. Location = ladies room near 1e-328."

Aww. I can just picture her, despairing as it bounced on the floor and rolled out of sight.

I'm headed off to World Workplace, in rainy and hot New Orleans. Feel free to stop by the booth and say hi if you'll be down there too! And in the meantime, share your own occupant complaint story in this forum or send me an email at

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