Under a Microscope: FM Complaints

It's amazing how some people can notice the tiniest shifts in their environments. You know, the people who notice if a lamp is one inch over to the right from where it normally is. It's amazing just how sharp their perception is, and also just a wee bit irritating when they start making a fuss over microscopic issues, like the ones below. 

Fine Tuned

"I recently had a complaint form a office tenant who said the HVAC system was too loud. I took a sound level meter into the office and believe it or not they could tell the difference between the fan being on or off of 44 and 45 decibels!  Way too much time on their hands."

Power of the Mind

"We were renovating a small section on one floor of an office building. The open floor plan had 'white' noise wired throughout. To achieve the new lighting configuration the electrician disabled the white noise to relocate some of its wiring out of the way. The white noise had been disabled for about thirty minutes and was just about to be turned back on when one of the occupants we were working around came to me in a sweat. She was not happy about the work being done, wondered why we couldn’t do this at night, and then wanted to know how long it would be before the air-conditioner would be turned back on. Just then the electrician turned the white noise back on. She left without me being able to explain that the air conditioning was never turned off."

Every Little Bit Counts

"We once had a professor complain that the toilet paper roll was narrower than it used to be. He measured it and it was a full 1/4 inch narrower and was very upset." 

That last one. I just don't even know what to say. These are real stories sent in by our wonderful readers at Building Operating Management and myFacilitiesNet, readers just like you. What are your crazy occupant stories? Feel free to post your own thread to this forum, or send me an email at naomi.millan@tradepress.com

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