Operator Error: FM Complaints

Quick, somebody get these people a cup of coffee. Everybody has experienced that moment you do or say something that clearly demonstrates your brain is not quite awake. Usually, they're fairly harmless, if embarrassing, situations. And they give facility managers plenty of occasions to chuckle behind closed doors at the silly things their facility occupants do or complain about sometimes. Here's a few complaints sent in by Building Operating Management that show that even smart people do dumb things.

"When I was working at a large mortgage company we relocated our staff from one building to another.  I got a call complaining that the movers had gotten water all over an individual's files and ruined everything in her box.  Turns out the employee had packed her goldfish, bowl, water and all in the box with her files and the movers of course had no idea there was an open fishbowl with water in the box they were moving. We had to explain to her that fish are a personal item that must be moved separately by the employee personally and that open bowls of water should never be packed in a cardboard moving box."

"A doctor called in a request stating the he had cooked his meal in the microwave in the break room but could not get the door to open. When the technician responded, he pointed out that the door latch release button need to be pushed in to open the door, not just touched lightly."

"An administrative assistant called in a work request stating that her desk lamp did not work. When the technician responded to the request he discovered that:

a- the desk lamp was not plugged in

b- there was no bulb in the lamp

c- the customer had brought the lamp in from home."

Do you have a real doozy of an operator-error story? Do tell! Post in the comments below or send me an email at naomi.millan@tradepress.com.

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