Hot and COld Complaints

I worked for an organization which owns many class A and class B office buildings in many countries. We are often times sent to different countries to manage the properties and sometimes corporate housing for some of the company's employees.

At the time, my wife and I were living in Africa, and I was maintaining a flagship building for the company. It was a startup venture, but a state of the art facility. It was a typical summer in Africa.... HOT... Humid, and mosquitos.

I arrived to the office at my usual time, about 7:30 in the morning. And, as most of us long time FMers, I have a usual routine, which is to walk the entire facility's entrance and walkways before any of our customers do. It's a good way to anticipate the days routines, and ensure I can head off any of "usual suspect" morning problems. When I finally made it to my office, on of my engineers gave me their local greets, "Mana Ona, boss", to which I reply, Mana Ona!" But the smile was extra big this particular morning, and I of course, smile and ask, "OK.... What gives?" My engineer quickly points to the computer and says to me, You MUST read the request from Mrs. Jane Doe before you do anything else." Several of my engineers have gathered at this time and all have the same chuckle and smile on thier faces. I quickly log on, thinking that there has been a fire, or an emergecy overnight, requiring some emergency response.


Once logged on (with all of my engineers now in my office), I immediately go to the email from Mrs. Jane Doe, bypassing the other one hundred emails. I quickly open it. It's been a while, but it went something along these lines..  Mr. Company Engineer: As you are aware, the country we live in is very hot, humid, and filled with mosquitos. I have been very troubled and not able to sleep these past few weeks thinking of my dog fluffy. Fluffy is a Belgian shepard, and is outside all day and night. I need for you to order and install a small air conditioner so that you can install it in his dog house. I'm worrid about him dying of heat stroke, or contracting some sort of mosquito borne disease.  Thanking you in advance, Mrs. Jane Doe........ I had to read it twice before I could even begin think that this was real. I did what I normaly do, which is to simply delete the email, instead of performing a typical FM "knee-jerk" reaction, which would have been to reach through the internet and shave fluffy!!

After going through the morning routines and meetings, I returned to my office to find my secretary with the same smile as the engineers in the morning. She whispers... "Mrs Doe is in your office..."


After about 15 minutes of having to put up with Mrs Doe's rage, she finally realized Fluffy would have to sleep among humans as we were NEVER going to install an a/c in the doggie "suite"


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