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  • Forum Post: Reap the Benefits of Smart Glazing Choice

    The stakes are high with glazing choices. The right glazing and design concept can significantly cut heating and cooling costs; keep out a lot of sunlight, heat, and cold; use daylight well; limit the load on the HVAC system; do a good job of holding in a building’s heat; and stop annoying glare...
  • Forum Post: Better Exteriors Will Mean More Efficient Buildings

    A high-performance façade plays a crucial role in optimizing the relationships between lighting, heating, and cooling to maximize the efficiency of a building while ensuring occupant comfort. A new website from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories aims to help industry take advantage of advanced...
  • Forum Post: Is it Time to Repair, Replace or Retrofit Your Windows?

    If eyes are the windows to the soul, then windows are the eyes of your building? No, I can't quite make the analogy work. Regardless, properly maintained windows are a crucial component of a well-functioning building envelope. While one of their primary functions is to let in natural light and create...
  • Forum Post: Spray Rack Testing - Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and El Paso, Texas as well as Nationwide - We conduct and document ASTM E 1105-00 a & b field testing of installed exterior windows, doors and curtain wall assemblies for water penetration.
  • Forum Post: Windows - Shrink Film

    We have a number of single pane windows near the ceiling of some of our workshops. I expect that we lose a lot of heat throughout the winter. No budget this year for a retrofit but I am wondering if anyone has some numbers on the effectiveness of applying a layer of shrink wrap poly to trap a layer of...
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