Looking into replacing our current 40 year old windows with some that are more efficent.  Wondering what everyone is usings and pros and cons to what your using.  Thanks for your comments.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I noticed your post because I am with Hoffmann Architects, an Architectural and Structural Engineering firm that specializes in the rehabilitation and restoration of building exteriors, including windows.  We have helped many clients with window replacement projects, requiring a variety of needs ranging from budgetary to energy efficiency, and we would be happy to offer assistance in your upcoming project. 

    I sent your question to the Director of our office, our senior architect and project engineer.  They all had this to say:

    There are a variety of options available, different glazing, frame, and system options, and the right window replacement approach depends on numerous factors which vary from building to building.  There is a substantial economic risk in approaching a window replacement project for energy efficiency using windows based on different building projects without hiring a qualified design professional.

    Structural issues like wind and lateral forces are also a concern.


    Even the most economic window assembly still needs to conform to applicable code requirements.


    I understand you were looking for specific information about products, but since every building’s design, location, age and function will require a different type of product, we wouldn’t be able to tell you about the pros and cons of a specific product without knowing more about your building and project.  If you wouldn’t mind sending me more detailed information so that I can learn more about your building, I will try to send you more details about some energy efficient window products that will work best for your building and budget.

    Please feel free to contact me directly at 212-847-9581 or by email at

    Also, at the following link you will find a Journal article written by Hoffmann Architects titled: “Windows: An Integral Part of the Building Envelope”



    Mary Beth




  • Well anything thermal is going to give you an R value, now if you tint the windows, It will increase the R value and reduce the cost of cooling in the summer. Its a good way to increase your operating costs both in the summer and in the winter, not to mention it will reduce the noise levels coming off the street,

    Hope this helps.



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