Sun Soaked Storefront - Case Study


A retailer had an exterior storefront that received direct sunlight during the majority of the day.  The window frames, millions, and sills had originally been painting with the same black paint used on the interior storefront windows.  However, the paint had faded over time from the direct sunlight exposure to a medium gray.  In addition to repainting the exterior window frames, the retailer requested that the new black paint selected would prove more weather/sunlight resistant than the original, yet still be a cost effective option.    



The scope of work needed to complete this conversion:

  1. Protect all storefront surfaces not being painted (brick and stone)
  2. Prime and paint all previously painted window surfaces on (30) storefront windows of varying heights.
  3. Provide before and after photos of the storefront to the client’s Home Office



The challenges of this project included:

  1. All work needed to be completed overnight.
  2. Some windows were 20 feet above ground level.
  3. A new paint spec needed to be sourced that matched the old spec in appearance yet would also provided a more sunlight resistance finish.
  4. The storefront needed to return to “ready for business” each morning one hour prior to store opening.
  5. The storefront was located outdoors which introduced weather related issues and limitations.
  6. Project deadline was set for 2 days. 



We understood that the client placed extreme importance on their storefront presentation as it provided the first impression to their brand.  The work area needed to be returned to a presentable condition each morning prior to start of business throughout the project’s duration.  In order to meet the deadline, labor would need to be effectively maximized and the overall size and height of the storefront would need to be taken into consideration.  Our solution for the project included:


  1. Utilization of a large, maneuverable lift to allow access to several windows by multiple technicians at a time.
  2. A new paint with heightened UV protection to help withstand the suns effects and help keep the black paint black for as long as possible was identified and provided to the client for their review and approval.
  3. A technician who had specific expertise in painting preparation (taping windows, covering brick and other exposed surfaces, etc.) was added to the project team to facilitate maximum efficiency throughout the crew. 
  4. Weather was monitored via internet to prepare crew for any inclement weather which may have affected project deadline.

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