basic, low-cost CMMS recommendations needed

I am managing approximately 1 million square feet of commercial office space with 10 locations.

I'm looking for a low cost CMMS system that can initiate and track work orders and PM's. We get about 5 - 7 trouble calls per day. We do not need inventory management, or bar coding (our techs do not have palm pilots or equivilent) or any other bell's and whistles. Our tenants call our help desk and they would not be required to access the web to initiate their work request.

Thanks for the feedback!

  • Tabs FM ( might be worth a look at. Its a modular system which is fleixble with regards to PDA and Intranet bolt-ons.

  • You may want to look at JobTraQ.  It is a web based task and workflow management application that can easily be set up to manage work orders.  You can set it up to monitor an email inbox for work order requests and you can easily setup a web form that will accept tenant requests.  It automatically notifies the tenant (via email) that their request has been received and will continue to notify them as work is done to satisfy the work order.  You can also set up PM's using the scheduling feature and workflow rules.  It can also handle room scheduling as well as help you manage your back office operations for things like recruiting, purchasing, leave approval, leave scheduling, and asset control.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.  Bill McCullough (

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    Have a look at Great tool and now they offer SAAS

    means software as service.

    contact and he will help you out.


  • We use a system called MAPCON and it has worked very well for us.  We have been using if for 15+ years.

    You can find information on this system (it has a few different modules to choose from so you don't have to go with the full blown system if you don't need it) at

  • Maintenance Connection offers a solution for both small and mid-range projects. Take a look at for more info. The system can handle work requests from tenants, basic reporting, and WO management. You can either purchase the program or pay for it on a monthly subscription.

  • We have just started using Sprocket software by Upturn Solutions.  It is pretty easily managed, not extremely expensive, and is easily configured for initial setup by a qualified person.  Our receptionist enters the requests into the system and sends them to the maintenance department.  We still need to get into regular reporting and will do that in the next few months.  Sprocket has a lot of versatility and offers features that many much more expensive systems have.  We use the locally hosted version.  They are going to issue a new version later this year and offer a completely hosted version, too.  We used a third party reseller, Jam Rivetna, from Dallas, as the setup person.


    Dick Stutzman,  Bridgewater Retirement Community, Bridgewater, VA 22812

  • casavant,

    Check out "Site Stuff" @

    Here are just a few of the organizations that use SiteStuff:

    Behringer Harvard
    CB Richard Ellis
    Cushman & Wakefield
    Eola Capital
    Federal Reserve Bank
    Grubb & Ellis
    HRPT Properties Trust
    Jones Lang LaSalle
    Pacific Medical Buildings
    PM Realty Group
    Piedmont Office Realty Trust
    Thomas Properties Group
    Wells Fargo & Company
    Westfield Group

    Darrell Cole

    Q.C. Manager

    Mechanical Partners, Inc

    Dallas, Texas


  • DP Solutions used to offer a MS-Access based system called PMC-2000.  It has full functionality of a CMMS at relatively low cost.  Our organization has moved to an Oracle application that has all the functionality, but lost the ease of use and manipulation inherant in the PMC-2000 product.  I don't know if DP solutions (DPSI) still exists, or if they offer this CMMS, but if they do, I can highly recommend it.  Our service center managed up to 100 calls / day and the system supported several thousand assets, tracked technician workload, managed suppliers, even wrote POs.  Best of all, if you need to generate reports, a simple Access query can provide any data you wish - broken out by location, technician, asset, etc.

  • Might want to take a look at Infor MP-2 (available in SQL or Access versions) Not extremely costly but very powerful. I have implemented it for facilities, manufacturing, and municipalities environments.  It possesses the capability to establish tenants and add labor and materials mark-up percentages. Best selling point to me is the ease of use for the maintenance personnel.

  • A few years ago, I needed a basic and inexpensive web based system to keep up with a throughput of a only few work orders per day, but with dozens outstanding at any given time due ot the age and historical status of the facility (a cathedral, offices, and classrooms complex.) 

    eWorkorders ( ) was as economical and simple as I could find. It operated very well. One user can do the administrative parts and an unlimited number can see work items and enter information.

    My sales and tech. rep was one in the same. A certain amount of customization is required at initiation, so I was able to set it up to support and staff events as well as handle maintenance.

  • We offer an SaaS solution for facilities management.  Our program CMS - Custom Maintenance software is scalable for any size of organization.  We have implementations at small private schools, large healthcare organizations (Cleveland Clinic) and facility management companies such as CBRE.

    The custom nature of the  application allows you to capture the basic work order details or add as many additional fields as you would like to track additional details.  You can track your facilities by location/client, provide email updates as the status of their requests change and follow up with an automatic survey.

    If you would decide to grow into additional features such as barcoding or mobile devices, you will not be hit with additional fees.  All modules of our application are included in the base monthly fee - including support.  Track assets and easily schedule preventive maintenance tasks.

    Feel free to check our website:



  • We have used CMMS software for 5 years now and are very satisfied.  they are a full serivce CMMS group

  • I would check out  We have had good luck with it.  They have phone tech support and the software is very user friendly.  We have been able to adjust it so that we can get to do exactly what we need.  It is also inexpensive.

  • I'm looking for the same, so far the leading candidate is eMaint. 

  • Lot of suggestions, let me add ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk to this list. Give it try, you can look at the online demo or download a evaluation copy. Also you can verify the price, everything is available in our website and no registrations. Given few links below

    Product Demo :

    Product Download :

    Product Pricing :

    ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk

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