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>>> I am currently looking at rerofing part of our school. We have rubber now that is 15 years old and is failing.  Who out there has Duro last roofs? (PVC)  It looks like some good stuff. Will it last?

  • Using Acrylic Roofing from Conservation Technology you can clean the existing EPDM & cover with their system. See the following link: Leaving the EPDM in place reduces cost if the existing roof structure is stable.

    Cleaning the EPDM removes the loose carbon coating and provides a stable surface for the acrylic to adhere. Available in various colors including white for a cool roof. Water based system that local staff can install to reduce cost or by any general contractor. Every 5-10 years apply one new top coat to system to extend the life indefinitely.

  • We've used Durolast for 20+ years in northern IN. Like all roofing it's dependant on a good installer. We've had good support locally and from the factory. We get an average of 18 + years life out of the product, warrenty for 15.  -

  • Have you considered using a ceramic coating over the existing rubber roof? We have had good success with cleaning, over coating with a liquid rubber base and then a ceramic coating. It has extended the life of the existing roof substantialy and given us good energy performance on the roof and for the facility.

  • PVC has a proven track record of long term performance. "Failing " EPDM can be restored or roofed over if the EPDM is  first roof in place.

    IF the existing roof membrane can be restored and the existing failed areas removed and replaced, then many quality fluid applied roofing systems can create a leakprrof, sustainable, energy saving roofing solution. Maintenance can be a simple as annual roof walks and proactive non roofing related issues ( HVAC condenstae line damage, debris being a school as it is amazing what gets up on school roofs! ). Repairs are easy with water based acrylics and other fluid applied systems. Renewable versu "term" warranty programs from fluid applied systems allows a building owner the ability to renew at the end of each term to maintain a predictable, low cost maintenance program for the life of the facility.

  • According to me Duro-Last fails. recently i read reviews about it a client  paid the high price to get a Duro-Last roof near about 6 years ago. he wanted to have the best roofing for his houseI even paid extra to get the thicker "commercial" quality material.  but it could not proved to be the best.

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    Reading the recommendation really sparks a positive feeling for the team of your organization!! After all , we always look for the patient contractors, fair prices and time utilization with good wages segment and your products also seem diversified in their representation!!

  • Typically the warranties on PVC roofs and EPDM roofs are in the range of 10 years. They are preferred by some companies on very large roofs because of the ease and speed of installation as they come in very large sheets, are easily seamed together at the laps, and simply ballasted down to hold in place. Punctures in these membranes are exceedingly difficult to locate. There is a thicker, walk-able, furniture and foot-friendly version of the PVC membranes available, which is ideal for smaller applications like decks, docks, boat tops, etc. 


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    You just try metal roofing which is very durable and  The popular TITE-LOC metal roofing panel is designed for a roof pitch of 1/2:12 or greater.  The SNAP-CLAD metal roofing panel is designed for applications as low as 2:12 pitch.  Integral roofing panels, Redi-Roof panels and Snap-On metal roofing panels have been designed for a minimum 3:12 pitch.  Greater roof pitch may be required in snow country and in areas of extreme climate conditions.

  • I prefer you for using metal roofing it is durable and long lasting .

  • Rubber roofs requires some type of surface to be free from holes gaps and not too pores (like an existing rubber roof or metal roof. So not really going to be an economical option because you will have to make it smooth first. When you say its pitched If it is pitched more than 2 and 12 then asphalt shingles will work great. or a rolled asphalt if you apply it properly. will last 20+ years if it is less than 2 and 12 then torch down roofing is your option Metal roofing is the most durable and as the other person stated has the best resale value. and probably looks better too.

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