Increase Your Roofing I.Q. and Win a Kindle! Virtual Scavenger Hunt Contest Hosted by Sika Sarnafil

Time to have some fun with your roofing knowledge! - Join Sika Sarnafil's Virtual Scavenger Hunt Contest to gain valuable information about roofing techniques and WIN one of twelve Kindle Touch’s as well as dozens of other prizes.

It is simple - we give you a challenge question about roofing and a clue, you “hunt” your treasure with the clues to answer the question.  Everything takes place online!

Prizes -  In each hunt, the first 3 eligible participants to submit their “treasure” successfully will be awarded a Kindle Touch. The next 12 to submit their “treasure” will be awarded a $15® Gift Card.  If you are a smart and fast scavenger, you may get the prizes.

For more details and sign-up, please visit . We strongly recommend you to like our social media pages in order to receive all your “clues” first-hand!

Happy Hunting!

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