Want to reduce your water expense? Stop Paying For AIR!

A valve has been developed that uses a reverse flow pulse to compress any air that is entrapped in your water system. This propitiatory process will have a positive effect on stabilizing the flow entering your facilities water circuit.

Yes it's rue and for large water users often shows an ROI under 12 mo!

This technology uses the flow of water to self-perpetuate our proprietary oscillation assembly, without effecting pressure. The oscillation assembly will create a compression process that generates a backward thrust. The result is that air in water transforms into compacted state. The continuation of this process will alter the air to a maximum compression state. This super compressed air, then resumes travel through the water meter, along with clean flow water, and past our device. After the compressed air has traveled past our device the air will resume its original state of volume. We have seen meter spin reduction of up to 10%.

See our video of an install in a NY Hotel.