Water Hammer

I have been expireincing water hammer lately at my facility, it happens around the same time each day and usually presents itself at the end of the run. I do not have any equipment that typically starts at the time this happens, and i do have water hammer arresters in the building. Is there a way i can determine what is causing these problems? Do you think adding another device at the end of the line would solve the problem? 

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  • Two things that have worked for us.  It is unlikely but possible that a backflow preventer is out of adjustment on this line.  In Illinois we now have yearly required inspections before those the backflow preventer used to try to shack the building appart on occation but we thought it was normal operations.  I do not know what type of water hammer arresters are in your loop, but we had a couple lose their "air" and become ineffective in the past so that be an answer also

  • In reply to sagestats:

    I agree with sagestats that the hammer arrestors might be a problem. Some manufactureres have replacement cartridges.

    You might also check your incoming water pressure. Could be a failed pressure regulator.

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