Peeling Cracking Epoxy Paint

I have a lab type area that has epoxy coating on the walls. There are spots throughout that are cracking and peeling, in several areas not just the paint but skim coats underneath also. The building is not very old, about 3 years now, but it has been happening since the first year. Does anyone have any idea how i could go about looking for reasons why or courses of action to stop it from spreading?

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  • Hoss,

    I may have a product that could help your situation.  Please feel free to contact me at to discuss.  Thanks.


  • In reply to Robert Kimbrell:

    There are several sources of potential failure that need to be investigated, such as improper surface preparation, lack of proper primer & Moisture Vapor Transmission.  If you contact us at the customer service service number below (1-800-356-7625), we can help you figure it out and come up with a solution.  Thanks!

  • i would need to know where the room is located within your facility.  Does it have an exterior wall?  Is the peeling happening on every wall?  What is the average daily temperature and RH in the space, especially during the hot months?  Is the peling more prevelant during any particular season?

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