Radiant Heating and Cooling Ceiling Panels

With the ever increasing efficiency and comfort demands being placed on our buildings (LEED, ASHRAE 90.1), Ecophit can help.  On average, buildings using radiant cooling and heating coupled with other HVAC systems experience 30% - 35% energy savings.  The panels are very architecturally friendly both in design and in asthetics; giving a function to a form.  Desiging with radiant systems can help reduce the amount of HVAC equipment needed, decrease ceiling plenum space, aid in reducing cross contamination in spaces such as hospital and elderly care facilities as well as provide a high level of thermal comfort for the space occupants.



  • Superb post!!! Radiant heating and cooling systems are used in commercial and residential buildings. Before beginning a heating and cooling system other upgrades of systems should have been installed. These upgrades like lighting upgrades, air distribution systems, etc. Once your heating repair service NJ system is installed, implement a maintenance program to keep the system running efficiently.

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