Preventing Dirty Coils Yields Greater Savings than Cleaning Coils

An article ( in Energy Manager Today described how Florida State University recouped the cost of cleaning the cooling coils of the air conditioning unit at the Dirac Science Library in just ten months.

The dirt they removed had been accumulating on the coils since the unit was installed over 25 years ago! Over time the dirt reduced air flow and heat transfer efficiency.

But why not just PREVENT the drop in heat transfer efficiency instead of celebrating its restoration? An outside air intake screen like Permatron’s PreVent  ( catches dirt that can pass through the air intake BEFORE it can accumulate on air conditioner coils and reduce air flow. Accumulated dirt can be quickly and easily brushed off the PreVent filter with a broom or cleaned off with a shop vac as part of routine maintenance.

Keep  HVAC coils free of dirt and you won't need costly cleaning to maintain maximum air flow and efficiency!

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