Noise Control Strategies For New HVAC Systems

Every facility manager thinks of energy efficiency and thermal comfort when an HVAC system is being designed. But the acoustics of an HVAC system don't always get the same attention. But noise and vibration from HVAC equipment can cause problems in many types of buildings. Click here to learn about noise control principles for HVAC design.

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  • Ed, I have an ASHRAE approved R22 drop-in retrofit that reduces AMPs 10-30%, pressure/temprature, and run time. Best it DRAMATICALLY reduces system noise. Would this interest you or your fans here at MFN?
  • Noticeable reductions in noise can be achieved by reducing friction in existing systems by permanently removing oil-fouling, increasing lubricity, and reducing fluid drag. And the benefits are beyond acoustics - Less friction = less wear and tear = longer system life. Restore1030 does this with one treatment for the life of the system.
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