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In February, Building Operating Management's homepage will feature a Q&A with a flooring expert. Please submit your questions here to have them answered by our flooring expert.

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  • What is the current "green" standard in flooring, for both carpet and hard surfaces ? Our 38,000 sq. ft. facilitiy is almost entirely carpet, most of which needs replacement, and I am looking for an alternative to commercial roll carpeting that seems to only last 10-15 years.

    Steve Ford

    Brayton Purcell, LLP

    Novato, Ca.

  • In reply to Steve Ford:

    Flooring is a critical component of every space, and choosing the right or wrong one will have a huge impact on the performance of your facility.  Flooring plays a role in acoustics and warmth, and makes walking easy or hard on people's feet and spine.  But it also wears out and stains, and is very expensive to replace, so let us help you find what is best for your facility. Chicago Office Furniture are source for commercial carpeting and flooring. They carry and install broadloom carpet, carpet tile, VCT and luxury VCT, ceramic and porcelain from a variety of the best manufacturers, including Tandus, Bolyu, J&J/Invision, Atlas, LSI, Centiva and others. If you are interested you may contact them at

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