The cost of carpet installation

I am looking to get some idea of what others are paying for the installation of carpet.  We are recarpeting quite a few guest room this year.  My staff is handling all the furniture and carpet removal.  We supply the carpet and the installer supplies the pad, glue and takes care of the banding of the base carpet.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • I work in a major medical organization. We replace approx $100,000.00 budget of carpet annually. Currently with demolition, floor prep, cost of carpet, installation, base, equipment relocations, furniture moving, etc. we are experiencing just < $54.00 a yard.

  • I work for a local government at the International Airport.  Our experience is that carpeting in our environment should be replaced every three years, however we try and stretch this to 5~6 years for budget conservation.  The last large project we completed for $49.00 per yard.  This can vary widely based on complexity of cuts, patterns and FF&E relocations

  • For spaces up to about 4,000 SF I pay $11.95/sq/yard.  This includes removal of old carpet, floor prep and installation of new carpet (glue down, no pad).  Cove base is an additional $1.50/lineal foot.  This does not include any furniture moving.  This is good quality office carpet.

  • We're currently going through the process of working with a local company to come up with a cost of replacing our carpet. It's a free service they offer where they come in and go through the entire process as if they were replacing the carpet and give you a quote for budgeting purposes. This is really handy as we're still 3 to 4 years from replacing our carpeting but it will be nice to have a good idea of cost. It may be worth checking with companies in your area to see if they offer a service similar to this.

  • I've been using carpet installers for 30 years - there's a lot of "bad eggs" (both union and non-union) out there. Based on your description, I assume you are having the installer supply foam pad (Shaw FB100 or equal) which is glued-direct to the room slab. Then installer glues your carpet to the pad (double-stick method). All adhesives are supplied by installer. Installer cuts wall base from your carpet stock, binds it, and installs it. If this scenario is correct, then this is a breakdown of what I'm currently paying in NJ 08542 (numbers are based on ONE guest room being done at a time, therefore prices would be somewhat lower for doing multiple rooms at a time):

     - Supply Shaw FB100 pad and adhesive and install (glued direct) to concrete slab = $7/sy

     - Labor and adhesive to glue your carpet to the above-installed pad = $6/sy

     - Bind your carpet to use as wall base = $0.75/linear foot

     - Install bound carpet wall base on wall = $0.75/linear foot 

    The installation with supplying the pad for a double-stick method is therefore $13 per square yard and the wall base is $1.50 per linear foot with YOU SUPPLYING THE CARPET GOODS. Labor is based on open shop, non-union labor. Slab prep is not included if required.

    Hope this is somewhat insightful - GOOD LUCK!

  • For an independent government cost estimate, I've been using $45-$50/yd depending on what other products & services are needed for the specific installation.

  • Great information thank you so much. 

  • It seams like the price is somewhere between $11 / yd and $54 / yd?  I'm missing something.

  • In reply to RyanC:

    Most responders did not read the question from "tshaw" properly and gave turnkey job quotes including labor AND carpet goods. Also, for "rrmarble" to be paying $11.95 PSY to rip out glued down carpet, do the concrete slab prep, installation labor, adhesive, seam sealer, PLUS the carpet (16oz base weight level loop carpet, I assume)...WOW! 

  • I am paying about $17 per square foot and $2 banded base.

  • In reply to Tom Shaw:

    Assuming you meant SY and not SF, you're paying @ 30% higher than what I'm paying for the pad/labor/adehsives and 33% more for carpet base. This may be a factor of where you're located, however - not sure. Reliability (showing up on the day and at the time they are scheduled and staying until the job is done) and quality of workmanship are important, so if you're happy with your vendor, they may be worth the extra $.

  • In reply to ggeiger:

    My mistake I meant a square yard.  As far as reliablity my installer usually has the room back to me with in a day or two depending on the size of the room.  He is always here when needed and works whatever hours we need him to (i.e. early mornings, afternoons, or evenings)This helps me get the rooms back into inventory and keeps reservation happy.

  • Anyone consider decorative concrete floor coatings as a cost-effective alternative to carpet?  There are so many materials out there now -- the standard epoxies, of course, but alsofast-curing MMA's (methyl methacrylates), urethane concretes, etc.  Decorative paint chips, marble chips, and designer aggregates of all kinds can be utilized to create long-lasting, skid-resistant, super low-maintenance floors.  So many economic alternatives that can be as decorative as terrazzo, but much easier on the budget.  And these floors last much longer than the 3 year cycle I see on carpet!   I like as a reference point.  Good luck on your project!

  • Hi,

    I handling such tasks in our projects since last 22 years and as past experiences the following tips which too helping and ease us for maintenance process.

    1. Carpet glue should be self-adhesive - like water based, non-sticky, not permanent.
    2. Our experience with EMBOND or MILLIKEN, which can spray on floor for large/mass area or roller/scrapper application.
    3. Easy application.
    4. No fume.
    5. Antistatic.
    6. Good adhession.
    7. Long lasting.
    8. Easy removable, even after long period.
    9. Better than permanent glue/adhesive, no health hazzard.
    10. Cost effective.

    Hope the above will help to your needs and others advises are too valuable where they shown the cost comparison and effectivenenss.

    Good Luck.

  • In reply to Eng.Mohammed Taufiq Jafar Siddiqui:

    Flooring is a critical component of every space, and choosing the right or wrong one will have a huge impact on the performance of your facility.  Flooring plays a role in acoustics and warmth, and makes walking easy or hard on people's feet and spine.  But it also wears out and stains, and is very expensive to replace, so let us help you find what is best for your facility.  We carry and install broadloom carpet, carpet tile, VCT and luxury VCT, ceramic and porcelain from a variety of the best manufacturers, including Tandus, Bolyu, J&J/Invision, Atlas, LSI, Centiva and others.  Further, we carry walk-off carpet and walk-off runners that can be custom printed with your logo.  Make us your source for commercial carpeting and flooring. Talk to us

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