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Which software do you use to track employees, assets, etc., and/or facilitate shared work space?

I'm just wondering what FMs use to accomplish this:

  • Do you use software to manage work space usage or provide searchable company floorplans? Tracking remote employees? If not, how is this done in your facility?
  • What software have you used/use currently? What do you think of it?
  • What would the ideal tracking/work space management software do?

Full Disclosure - I work for a company (BrowseLab Inc.) who has just developed a product called StaffMap that tracks assets and facilitates shared working spaces on company floorplans.

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  • We've trialed several work-spaced solutions, but recently settled on StaffMap. We've been using it for several months now with no issues. It's very easy to install, the interface is intuitive, easy to use, and it's responsive for mobile devices. We have many remote and drop-in employees, so we particularly like the ability to see remote employees on a map, and the shared desk booking functionality.
  • If you are looking for software to track facilities, floor plans, hazards, response plans then I recommend you look at Fire Planning Associates product Blazemark. www.getblazemark.com
  • In terms of managing workspace...

    GSA, with around 13,000 employees nationwide (not counting on-site contractors) is currently standardized on Agilequest for its hoteling software, for work station and conference room reservations. When doing market research for potential solutions for the need, Deloitte's offices in Arlington VA were one of the sites we toured, where Agilequest was used. The software does allow searchable floorplans...for locating people, room numbers, verifying equipment in a room (AV, phone), etc.

    Additional tracking of who's in and who's out, for safety and continuity of operations among a workforce that's highly mobile in service to our customers, includes badge readers at Central Office and some of our Regional locations, but I don't know what software ties into the hardware.

    Also, at Central Office, we are about to pilot Crowd Comfort, a highly customizable mobile (and also desktop) app that allows users to report hot-cold, missing chair, cleaning needs, etc. A similar software I'm aware of is ShareDesk, offered from Kimball. Our facilities team uses a program called Maximo to track work order tickets, and Crowd Comfort can tie into that. (Maximo Asset Management is an enterprise asset management software product by IBM).

    For measurement of our 350M SF real estate portfolio, ensuring accurate rent bills for our agency customers, GSA's Public Buildings Service uses a software called eSMART (Electronic Spatial Management and Reporting Tool), a web-based CAFM system. It was developed for GSA but operates similarly to CAFM products on the market like Archibus, Tririga, Planon, and Archidata...
  • Hi
    We've been using employee monitoring software for years. It's really helpful it has a lot of benefits and features. It monitors programs and employee's programs usage also you can view keystrokes typed by users in real time. We are satisfied with that product.

  • Hi, I've been using it for a long time Computer monitoring software . Excellent opportunity to monitor staff actions, tracking, a good assistant in any company for work. During the use of this software, the productivity and efficiency of the staff has been greatly improved. I am happy with everything.

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